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May 2023 Newsletter



Hundreds of mothers in NYCHA receive love, gifts and care packages from Vision Urbana!

Seward Park Extension received chocolates, roses and care packages alongside the Seward Park Ext Tenant Association, councilmember Christopher Marte and Vision Urbana Food Security team!

Mariana Bracetti Plaza had a gorgeous Mother's Day brunch, gifts, fresh fruit & vegetable care package and bingo alongside Bracetti Tenant Association President, councilmember Carlina Rivera, NYS Assemblymember Grace Lee office and Vision Urbana's NORC and social services team!

Vision Urbana Digital Learning Lab

A graduation of one dozen older adults digital training in May!

Register for June classes now!

The Vision Urbana Digital Learning Lab trained 12 NYCHA residents at Mariana Bracetti community center for the month of May! Residents 50 to 70 years old were in attendance. Below are a few comments after day one of class:

"This is the best teacher in the world. He makes it exciting while working with you at your own pace. I did not expect to feel this comfortable. I am so happy." - TA President Vernette Quick

"I was so surprised to learn the history of the internet and how we arrived at the computer and smartphone today. I am so glad to have learned this and will share with my children because I know for a fact they don't know this information!" - 64 years old Ms. Brown (travels in a motorized wheelchair)

"This was a great refresher as it has been years since I worked on a computer. Everything involving life is moving towards computers so I'm glad this lab is right downstairs so I can continue to practice while also getting answers as often as I want." - 56 years old NYCHA Bracetti resident

"I have never submitted my annual NYCHA recertification online. Having someone there to support me as I followed the instrutions really made the difference. Within twenty minutes I submitted my recertification online. This lab made it possible for me to learn and to tell others not to be afraid." - 65 years old NYCHA Bracetti resident

Register for June classes at the Vision Urbana Digital Learning Lab by calling the number below:

Loisaida Festival

Vision Urbana Loisaida art workshops at Mariana Bracetti Community Center and Legends of Loisaida art exhibit to be featured at the Loisaida Festival

May 28th!

For the 10th consecutive year VIsion Urbana will be present for the Loisaida Festival showcasing an art exhibit called Legends of Loisaida to provide education and inspiration to all in attendance as Vision Urbana distributes leaflets of our own services and programs and other bilingual community resources from our booth for the thousands of residents who will be in attendance! Loisaida is the sister organization of Vision Urbana! Please enjoy the 5 minute video of the first ever Legends of Loisaida art public art exhibition in 2016 at Pier 42!

For the first time this year, Vision Urbana will provide art workshop classes at the Mariana Bracetti Community Center for local residents to create their own Loisaida work of art on canvas while some will also prepare a festive knitted Loisaida bag to be displayed during the processional parade of this year's Loisaida Festival.

The Lower East Side is roughly bounded by East 14th Street on the north, by the East River to the east, by Fulton and Franklin Streets to the south, and by Pearl street and Broadway to the west. It includes areas known today as the East Village, Alphabet City, Chinatown, Bowery, Little Italy. Historically, the "Lower East Side" referred to the area alongside the East River from about the Manhattan Bridge and Canal Street up to 14th Street, and roughly bounded on the west by Broadway.

A tradition that has spanned over three decades is the annual Loisaida Festival, think of it as the culmination of a series of events, workshops, programs and initiatives happening all across the Lower East Side, and historically celebrated on the Sunday before Memorial Day.

Make sure to visit the Peoples LES to learn about experiences happening throughout the neighborhood. And, Save the Date for The 36th Annual Loisaida Festival, on Sunday, May 28th 2023.

Legends of Loisaida Video

May 25th 2023 Community Health Forum:

Respiratory Infections, Environmental Impact on your immune system & Stroke Prevention! Health management classes and on site covid related care workshops begin!

Vision Urbana remains committed to providing up to date information related to the health and well being of Lower East Side residents living in and around NYCHA and Section 8 housing. Doctors, health professionals and certified specialists from major health centers, clinics and hospitals present at our monthly health forums thanks to a strong partnership with the Latino Commission on AIDS.

Additionally, health management classes on covid related care in Spanish and English are scheduled at several Vision Urbana sites. Please contact Deputy of Senior Services & Health Initiatives, Dr. Pia Scarfo for more information on our schedule of classes or to schedule an appointment for a vaccination. (646) 945-7868 or [email protected]


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