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Virtual Digital Labs

Mastering Computer Technology Trends

Vision Urbana, Inc. is enhancing its Digital Literacy Training Program and its computer lab, that was providing weekly computer training sessions to first time computer users and older adult Latinos living in the Lower East Side who have limited access to computers and in need of 21st century digital literacy skills in order to break from isolation, engage in online educational offerings, compete in today’s workforce, and interact with family and society, by including Latinos ages 55 and over into our program. 

Our training program follows a culturally relevant curriculum (bilingual) that begins with the evolution of computer technology and the Internet, to present day communication devices—tablets, smartphones, and social media. Our advanced course (coming soon!) will include a job development and placement component with virtual offerings on how to put together a resume and disseminate it virtually, how to handle interviews in person and via platforms such as Zoom, with sessions on Microsoft office basics, creating emails, cyber security, and how to identify and navigate online employment opportunities.

Given the COVID- 19 pandemic and necessary suspension of our in-person courses, Vision Urbana created its own Virtual Digital Lab that is now open and available from the comfort of your own home!

Are you interested in developing your digital skills? Do you want to learn about the Internet and a whole new world of information, opportunities, and resources it holds for you? Do you have a smartphone or tablet, but do not know how to use them to the max? Then, please call Vision Urbana at 646-945-3360 between 9am-4pm Monday—Friday to register for our Digital Training Course and get more information. You can also register by completing an online application here.