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Healthy Living Initiative

Our Story

The Healthy Living Initiative (HLI) was launched by Vision Urbana in September 2012, with support provided by our local officials, as a response to the significant health issues such as Diabetes, HIV/AIDS, HEPC, Heart Disease, Obesity, and Asthma, which is at epidemic proportions in the Lower East Side.

At least once a month, our health forums and workshops present medical professionals, nutritionists, health experts and practitioners (most of whom are bilingual) to engage in life-saving and revelatory discussion regarding healthy living as a physical and mental journey that requires professional support, up to date information, and access to solid resources and reliable health organizations. Each workshop utilizes an informative blend of clinical and holistic approaches to strengthen ones immunity, prevent disease, and create well informed residents that make sound food decisions and live healthier lifestyles. Each workshop coincides with our food pantry program for those participants in need to take home nutritional food packages to feed themselves and their families… always with informative materials, brochures and opportunity for follow-up assistance. VU Case Assistance Services to access entitlements are also available as part of our Healthy Living Initiative. Vision Urbana collaborates with the Latino Commission on AIDS and its successful Hispanic Health Network, of which VU is part. Vision Urbana has a strong network of other CBO's including faith-based organizations, churches, and neighborhood leaders across the five boroughs.

Join Us

Learn about this year's calendar of workshops and resources for healthy living. Contact us at (646) 626-9748 for more information!

Providing healthy and affordable food as well as recipes for our seniors after each workshop

Providing doctors, professionals and health experts to educate and protect our community residents

Bridging free health and wellness resources monthly

In 2015, Vision Urbana established, with the NYC Department of Mental Health & Hygiene, the Citywide OURVOICENYC health campaign. The OURVOICENYC was the first ever teen led New York Citywide Campaign against sugary drinks in partnership with the NYC Administration to raise awareness on how sugary drinks can cause Childhood Obesity, Diabetes, Hypertension, and other health risks prevalent in low income neighborhoods. On the Lower East Side, Diabetes, Heart Disease & Cancer have been recognized as the major causes of death with cases of Diabetes reported at nearly twice the rate of Manhattan and heart disease the leading cause of death of all chronic diseases. The Campaign trained 100 teens to become health advocates in their neighborhood. Vision Urbana continues this important advocacy through its mentorship program, and now its new Summer & Afterschool Teen Center that now serves local teens beginning July 2016.